Dealing with Adversity: You’re a failure only if you think you are.

Every day, we experience trials and tribulations that test our resolve. But what about the times when it just feels – well – like its just to much to bare?

History shows us that adversity is inevitable. We are going to experience it at some point in our lifetime. But how we prepare ourselves will determine our resolve to see it through.

How do you currently deal with adversity, conflict or failures?

Trust me, you are not alone. The list is long of individuals who overcame their adverse conditions and paved their way toward personal greatness.

Last year I saw the movie Unbroken, directed by Angelina Jolie. It’s a film about the life of Louis “Louie” Zamperini, a troubled child turned 1936 Olympian and world war II veteran. Through the course of his enlistment, he overcame incredible odds. Notably being stranded at sea for 47 days only to be rescued by the Japanese military and made a prisoner of war.

During captivity, he was repeatedly tortured and because of Olympic notoriety, he became a favorite target of a cruel Japanese commander.

One point during his captivity, Louie was forced to stand for hours in intense heat and sun, while holding a large heavy wooden beam, with his arms extended over his head. Under no circumstances could he drop that log or his captives would kill a prisoner.

Here Actor Jack O’Connell talks about his experience in that scene and the challenges he had to overcome just portraying Louie on screen.

It is unclear how much of the movie versus the book was more theatrical in nature but the point is, he wasn’t the biggest or strongest of men, but he did possess an insane amount of personal will and determination to survive.

Sometimes we need to have more faith in our abilities and less in our failures.

Look, we are going to fail at some point in our life, but how far or how bad you fail is up to you.

Personal Pains make us stronger

My mother-in-law recently went into the hospital for a routine check-up and ended up leaving several weeks later after triple bypass heart surgery. Talk about adversity!

This was definitely a difficult time for the entire family, but what I loved about her, was that she still made an effort to keep the family from worrying about her. All the way up to the day of the surgery, she was more concerned about how everyone else was doing instead of focusing on herself.

Sometimes we look at conflict as a negative or a disappointment or even a failure, but the real strength lies in what we do with that conflict.

My mother-in-law instead focused on her support system and used those around her as a source of strength. I have no doubt she was very afraid of the procedure, but she never showed it one bit.

Conflict and adversity can mean many things in your life. It can propel you past adversity. It could be that last hurdle you must clear before greatness.

Maybe you suffered a setback at your place of business. Maybe you didn’t get the additional round of funding that would have kept the doors open a little longer. Or maybe it was an important business deal that fell through?

Adversity can bring out positives qualities we never knew we had. Essentially shining the light on hidden talents buried deep within us. How we deal with our darkest hours, could potentially be our brightest moments. Don’t miss out on an opportunity for greatness.

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So how do we pull out greatness through adversity? Here a few takeaways I’ve learned through my own adversities:

Look for the silver lining in every setback

I believe God will never give us more than we can bare. (Verse) I believe that God gives us just enough to test our resolve and overcome adversities.

Think of the last time you had to deal with a difficult situation. How did you get through it? Did you learn something through the process? Perhaps something you never knew you could do or learn?

Adversity can create faith in self and a belief in something that is greater than all of us, the will of people. There is always a lesson to be learned or the silver lining of adversity, so find it.

Build a Mastermind system of triumph

If you are unfamiliar with the term “Mastermind” or the practice of mastermind groups, they are a group of people with the same common goals or situations who come together to solve conflicts, whether personal or business related.

By working and communicating with like-minded individuals (mastering of the minds), you don’t have to go at it alone. Your solution to personal adversities could be the key to another person’s conflict resolution. Learn to share your knowledge with others and that sharing will only lead to an increased knowledge and understanding.

Accept the things you cannot change, but change the things you can.

It’s understood that setbacks will happen and It’s a part of life and sometimes those conflicts are beyond our control. Look, sometimes we aren’t going to have the answer to every conflict, or the solution to that conflict may be way beyond our control.

The real strength comes in recognizing your inability to control that conflict! We have to accept but that doesn’t mean you have to give up. Accept what is given and make a plan to overcome that setback. If you fail at least you tried.

“Those that never try, will never taste triumph.”

Tell yourself today: “I will persevere and push through no matter what.”

Now that you are ready to face challenges.  Take a look at my blog post on covering goal setting by creating F.O.C.I.S. that leads to success.

What are some things that you do to get through adverse times? I would love to hear about them. Drop me a comment below or hit me up via social media.


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